Hello Dear One I See You!

In a perfect world, we would all have the support, the strategy, the systems and the moxie to have our perfect life now… it would include all the things that delight us, enrich us, bring us the most ecstasy, delicious opulence, and be open to revolution at any time if we get bored. 

The biggest lie is that there is something wrong with us, the strivers, the workers, the doers… that we should be happy with enough, even that we should be happy with what someone else tells us is enough.  That we should be happy with enough/ness. 

Our hearts burn for excellence, perfection.. our senses show us where things can be improved, perfection is only one iteration away and begs to be perfect-er

Do you know in your heart what is right for you, yet you check with a friend, a guru, a noted expert, someone who loves you, and all they do is lead you away from the future back to the past you, the one they can reference?  It is the future you that is calling.. not the you of even 6 seconds ago.  You move that fast dear one. 

The same senses that fire, light up with perfection, also light up with imperfection and that can become the false prophet.  Fixing.. insistent fixing.. an errant erratic rabbit hole. Doubt. Confusion. Negative thoughts. 

The cure.  Your heart, what brings you the most happiness, being the first priority.  A GPS tracker on happiness will always bring the gold you seek. 

My mission is that your heart become that tracker, reliable, resilient and relaxed in your pursuit of greater.  My methods unorthodox, my mission clear.   I live to bring you closer to what love feels like in your enterprises, and take you to places that you have only gone in your dreams with your business. 

The first step?  Let’s have a candid conversation about you and where you would like to be. 





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