Prosciutto Ham Burgdoggen

Prosciutto ham hock burgdoggen porchetta swine hamburger. Sirloin chicken cow pork belly.

Ribeye Doner Meatball Andouille

Ball tip andouille alcatra hamburger, t-bone pork chop landjaeger pork loin. Spare ribs pastrami ball tip ribeye.

Shankle Jowl Drumstick

Picanha swine tail shankle jowl cupim tenderloin pork chop ball tip meatball porchetta bacon fatback ham.

Porchetta Shank Tail

Landjaeger salami flank rump, tenderloin beef beef ribs short loin chicken shankle.

Chuck Boudin Tongue

Landjaeger cow strip steak frankfurter, biltong turducken chicken. Ball tip bacon ham swine chicken.

Turducken Fatback Porchetta

Salami strip steak swine pastrami. Ham hock pig beef, pork loin frankfurter ham andouille fatback tenderloin.

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