By Jennifer Cramer Lewis, Business Wisewoman | Trendsetter | Maverick

Are you stuck in a place where no matter what you try or do with your finances there seems to be a limit on how much you can earn in your business? How much you can have in your savings account? How fast the money goes out vs how fast it comes in?

If so, you are not alone. Over the years of facilitating and coaching the topic of money and “how to get more of it,” has been a major subject of facilitation with entrepreneurs and business owners.

Here are my top five tips and tools to delete your poverty programming and create more profit:

Tip #1 Throw out the budget

When you think of budgeting, where does your mind go? Living on macaroni and cheese dinner? That’s because the very word ‘budget’ speaks of living on less, having less and creating less.

Your body doesn’t like the idea of living on less. In fact, it’s asking you to create a life of living that includes the finer things. Don’t tell me you can’t tell the difference between a $10.00 bottle of wine and a $30.00 glass of wine. If you can’t, it’s time that you started experimenting with having more.

I remember reading once that Aristotle Onassis recommended always living at an elegant address even if you have to live in the attic. I am not recommending that you charge the lifestyle that you hope to become accustomed to on your credit card. However, I do recommend that you question where you are budgeting and if adding more elegance into your life would allow you to have and keep more of the finer things.

Tool #1 Ask: “If I buy this $30.00 glass of wine, what will it add to my life?”

Tip #2 Party like a Rockstar

Start becoming aware of what your business and connections are already bringing you. What have you already created this calendar year? Last year? Do you sometimes get so focused on the next client acquisition that you forget to celebrate that you currently have real, live, breathing, paying clients?

I have noticed that this “what’s next” thinking creates more lack and actually slows down a client’s business. What if you got up from your desk and did a happy dance every time a new client came into your business or every time a current client chose something different than they were able to choose before. What if every client or contract was a reason to celebrate?  Celebrate them choosing your business? Celebrate your business being the business that they chose in all the world?

Tool #2 Ask: “Business, show me the people who are grateful for me?”

Tip #3 Check the GPS

When you have thoughts about not having enough money to choose something or that it isn’t a wise investment or that you really don’t have the financial acumen to make financial decisions, who’s thoughts are really running through your head?

Are you the kind of person that telephones people before they call you? Have you ever walked into a room and knew that there had been an argument taking place there? If so, you could be sensitive enough to be picking up the thoughts and feelings of other people. Evolutionarily speaking, this is a superpower that has kept us from getting eaten or beaten for millennia. It may however, be playing old recordings of poverty’s past that are not actually your thoughts.

Are you ready to outwit and outplay the lack chatter in your mind?

Tool #3 Ask: “Is this really my thought or am I picking it up from somewhere else?”

Tip #4 Stop the backtalk

We all know who those people are in our lives that we cannot share our successes with. They simply cannot cheer you on, it’s not in their DNA to do so. I remember becoming aware of those people who I included in my life, that after I spent time with them, I would doubt myself. This was a key discovery for me in my own development and I wonder if it would assist you to just know who can be included in your success party celebrations and who cannot? Not from a place of exclusion but from of a place of you putting yourself first and including those people who are ready, willing and asking to be included in your business and life wins. It has been proven that when you are surrounded by people who love it when you win, you win more. Poverty mindset has no defense against that!

Tool #4 Ask: “Does this person love it when I win?”

Tip #5 Expect the best, always

So much of our programming speaks of having a contingency plan, a Plan B, a Plan C and D too. What if that very thinking allows us to always be playing a game of snakes and ladders with ourselves? Does having an exit plan or a plan b actually work long term? I can tell you it does not. If you set your intentions and expectations on always receiving the best, then it actually shows up for you. Surround yourself with people who expect the best to show up for you, then you can exponentialize the returns for yourself. When you get doubts about what you can create or try to backtrack and ask for less than you have aimed for, stop and regroup and ask for more to show up.

Don’t forget that you are not an island, you can ask for help and create more profit and possibilities by adding a team to your business. Many times, I have seen how adding people to a business it increases the bottom line by at least double the “cost” of the employee.

Tool #5 Ask yourself: “If anyone else could be added to this project to have it show up faster, better and more profitable than I ever thought possible, who would that be?

I am passionate about inviting people to examine their financial capabilities – to encourage them to ask questions about what they are creating financially, with their businesses, with their relationships and to create a profitable and sustainable future. What do you want your future to be?

Originally published by The Business Woman Media July 11, 2018