How to Be Magic with Guest Cory Michelle

My Guest Cory Michelle, as well as being one of my favourite people on the planet, has been facilitating energetic mastery, entering the 5D and magical living for ages.


I was one of her clients way back when had my first month that I brought in more than $10,000 and astonished myself at my abilities with wealth generation. Cory delights when people start to pop out of the matrix and into their gorgeousness.

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What kind of comfort can you be that you came here to be magic? JCL (01:52)

2D is where you are blissfully unaware. 3D is when you start to become aware and fearfulness can set it. 4D this is where we have a breakthrough/awakening. 5D is all about the magic. Cory Michelle (7:27)

5D is all about non-linear consciousness and when the magic shows up. Cory Michelle (7:53)

4D is about making things happen and 5D is about allowing things to happen. Cory Michelle (09:09)

What percentage of your life do you think you’re in 4D and 5D? JCL (9:44)

Ask: Am I willing to allow the Universe to do it for me? Cory Michelle (12:15)

Your reality is a reflection of your inside. (25:45)

The 3D control matrix teaches us that we have to look outside of ourselves to make decisions. Cory Michelle (36:17)

If you’re functioning in fear you are not going to be tapped into your awareness. Cory Michelle (37:09)

The 5D matrix invites us to look outside of the fear. Cory Michelle (37:30)

Ask: Does that fear have anything to do with me? Is that fear even any of my business? Cory Michelle (38:20)

How you may have been conditioned, if it’s happening around you it may or may not be your responsibility to take care of it. JCL (40:24)

If I’m being true joy, joy will show up. Cory Michelle (45:13)

When we are being calm we have the most energy and we are operating from our own energy. Cory Michelle