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5+ Ways to Make Money Podcasting

With Guest Expert Christine McIver


Is your podcast a money draining hobby or a viable financial entity driving clients and wealth to your door? If it’s the former, let’s switch that paradigm so your podcast is an opportunity rich client manifesting vehicle instead of an energy and money draining hobby.

In this episode we learn from guest expert Christine McIver of Inspired Choices Network at least 5 ways (likely much more) of monetizing your podcast and making a bigger impact with your creative work. Why? Because if you are using your expertise to create anything, it’s my mission to make sure that pays you back with wealth, abundance and juicy opportunities for growth.


5+ Ways to Make Money Podcasting with our expert guest, Christine McIver, is a Strategic Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Bestselling Author, TV & Radio Personality, and the Founder & Owner of Inspired Choices Network. Christine is highly successful at inspiring individuals and businesses to make choices that will bring them increased success, greater joy, self-confidence and remarkable inspiring change. All of which increased the abundance in their lives and businesses.

Do you have a podcast or broadcast that is not reaching the correct audience, not monetized and certainly not driving clients and cash to your door? Watch this video with a pen and paper, it’s solid gold. I gained so much from this episode and I have 127 shows!


  • When I started doing my shows I really didn’t know what I should be doing so I have spent years building my knowledge. CM (05:40) 
  • I love to show people how easy it can be to have a show but most people are in free fall and they do not know how easy it can be. CM (06:58)           
  • Even if you are scared, if you know you have a message then this is the next stage of development in your business. JCL (08:48)    
  • “When you are making wealth, when you are bringing in clients and you have a system a podcast is so key.” Jennifer Cramer Lewis
  • Look at the bigger picture of what else is truly available with you bringing your expertise to a show. CM (13:27)   
  • You are going to look more like an expert when you have a professional team behind you. CM (14:36)        
  • Having your own show elevates you, creating a library of content to be accessed. Open yourself up to different ways that you can repurpose and show up. CM (15:49)
  • What is very important is that you understand the why, what motivates you? CM (21:48)      
  • Having your own broadcast is first and foremost making you an expert, and of course you can monetize it but you need to understand the why. CM (23:34)    
  • Having a live show builds your confidence with showing up. You have to be able to speak on your feet and that’s the biggest gift for becoming a professional speaker. CM (26:04)
  • “The biggest reason to have a show is to leverage your business.” Christine McIver with host Jennifer Cramer Lewis (29:13)     
  • If you are curious about what the specific reason is that you are here, you may have some inclining about what it is and we need to make sure your business is calibrated. JCL (35:48)          
  • When you have invested your brilliance, time and energy into creating your presence with your show and you showcase someone on your show, that adds value to your show. CM (42:59)           
  • Repurpose your shows into a book,. There are great services that can have your shows transcribed. You can have a book created in as little as 3 months. CM (44:47)   
  • Even if you spoke 7,000 words in an hour. 60,000 divided by 7,000 is 9 hours. 9 hours of speaking can be turned into a book. CM (46:56)

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