Who is Jennifer Cramer Lewis?

Jennifer deeply believes that when you trust yourself enough to open your heart, nothing short of magic can happen in your life and business.  Your wish is the universe’s command, but only when your energetic signature is correct.  

Growing up in a poisonously capitalistic entrepreneur family, Jennifer witnessed first hand how business could break hearts and spirits.  A lifelong psychic and intuitive, Jennifer could easily see the tiny changes people should make towards personal and financial fulfillment, if only they would take them.  Good luck getting people to listen to a 6 year old lifestyle profitability mentor. 

Cutting her teeth in the world of real estate, finance and investments taught Jennifer how to marry her laser sharp intuition with what strategies were going to succeed, and which were not.  Nobody calls the real estate manager to compliment them on how well things are being managed, but somehow Jennifer’s office was filled with flowers, wine and gifts from her large portfolio of luxury, investment and residential real estate. 

Jennifer has always been able to see the energetic financial flows around her clients, easily shepherding them away from working evenings and weekends,  barely scraping by, into tripling and quadrupling profits, while taking 3 and 4 day weekends by using their energy correctly. 

Jennifer has now deliciously successful founder clients in consulting, media, science, technology, engineering and medicine.  It’s always been a love affair between this free flowing success sorceress shaman and her boots firmly on the ground STEM clients.   Sciences, technology, energetics and the quantum field all speak the same source code. It’s symbiosis.

Shocker, it is possible to be too successful.  Especially if it is robbing you of your love life, family, joy and health.  Jennifer knows in her wide open heart, that what you make important to you, will automatically be fulfilled, no matter how busy your business is.  Her strategies put you in the drivers seat, especially if its driving towards a 3 day weekend in the mountains because your business is set for strategic success in your absence. 

Jennifer is a mother of two amazing young men with gorgeous hearts who are already living their dream lives.  She is a born adventurer and calls the world home, living in the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. 




Jennifer Headshot with Shadow

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